So you want to be on Council?

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Individuals interested in becoming Council Members

Course Overview:
If you would like to make a difference in your community and have a say in local decision-making, this session will give you information about what it means to be a Council Member.

This session will cover the following topics:
    - The Role and Function of a Council Member: Elected Members of a council are responsible to their electorate as either representatives of a particular ward area or decision makers for the whole council area. They are policy makers for future activities of the council, auditors of the work of the council, regulators of planning, licensing and are responsible for matters required by government and as community leaders.

    - Working Together- CEO's and Elected Members- What Does it Take?: In this session will discuss the role of CEO's and the importance of having a good relationship between Council Members and Council CEO's and staff.

    -The Practicalities- About the Local Government Elections: This session will cover nomination procedures, requirements for a candidate's profile and information about the draw for position of a candidate's name on a ballot paper, voting material mail-out and return, scrutiny and count procedures, how scrutineers are appointed and illegal practices and their repercussions.

    - Effective Campaigning- Tips and Tricks: Running for Local Government can mean as little as publicly declaring your candidacy through to a full-blown election campaign. It will depend on your budget, time, personal style, networks and support and commitment. This session will discuss all facets of running an effective campaign.

Range of various presenters

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